MESA and our employees view human resource is as strategically resource for embodying our aims and goals and we agree indispensable part for global competition is employee competency. MESA is preferred by who wants to make career and work in grooving, successfully, dynamic company structure.

Mesa takes his power from Knowledge and Human which manufacture knowledge, Mesa’s human policy fundamental principles:

- For consist of well qualified staff which is focused on our strategic goals and targets, we adopt modernistic management.
- The working conditions, health and safety of our employees are observed at the highest level and in accordance with the legal provisions of the labor law - socially and environmentally-conscious.
- Management of personal we provide the “Fairness opportunity” to our workers and we design personal development plans according to our company growth targets - With our performance-based consideration system, we encourage our employees to help them to ensure prosperity.
- MESA lives bound in reverence, respect and loyalty, performance-oriented cooperation, which leads to increase work motivation and establishes the effective balance between management and employees.
- Take actions for the employee motivation be kept at a high level.