Mesa A.Ş  accepts to Human resources as the most strategical source  for highly performing the goals and the targets which enable us to achieve on global competition. Mesa A.Ş is the main choice for the people who aims to continue her/his individual career at a growing, dynamic, industry Professional company.

The main principles of MESA's Human Resources policy, which are powered by 'Knowledge' and 'HUMAN' that produces it.

Human Resources Policy

- To provide a contemporary  administrative mentality by focusing our company’s strategical goals and targets by contributing qualified employments.  

- To prioritizing the employees's occupational safety and health at keeping top level accoring to laws& regulations at working conditions and conserve environment 

- To Create and manage of personal improvement programs by means of contribution for corporate growing goals& targets . Managing employees by providing FAIR facilities,

- Maximizing productivity based on performance evaluation, encourage employees by providing recompensation. 

- Providing peaceful, creative, highly motivated working place  that enables mutual respect, social relations and corporate loyalty sphere  among administration and employees. 

- To take precautions which enables highly motivated moral level continously of employees.